Office of Federal Contract Compliance

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  • Ofccp

    Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

  • Ofcom

    /ˈɒfkɒm/ noun acronym 1. (in Britain) Office of Communications: a government body regulating the telecommunications industries; a super-regulator merging the Radio Authority, Independent Television Commission, and Oftel

  • Of consequence

    Important, as in For all matters of consequence we have to consult the board, or Only scientists of consequence have been invited to speak. This idiom was first recorded in 1489.

  • Ofdm

    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

  • Off

    [awf, of] /ɔf, ɒf/ adverb 1. so as to be no longer supported or attached: This button is about to come off. 2. so as to be no longer covering or enclosing: to take a hat off; to take the wrapping off. 3. away from a place: to run off; to look off toward the […]

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