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adjective, adverb
away from the principle area of activity

1956, from off (adv.) + site (n.).


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  • Off-side rule

    A lexical convention due to Landin, allowing the scope of declarations in a program to be expressed by indentation. Any non-whitespace token to the left of the first such token on the previous line is taken to be the start of a new declaration. Used in, for example, Miranda and Haskell. [P.J. Landin “The Next […]

  • Off-speed

    [awf-speed, of-] /ˈɔfˈspid, ˈɒf-/ adjective 1. slower than usual or expected, as a baseball pitch.

  • Offspring

    [awf-spring, of-] /ˈɔfˌsprɪŋ, ˈɒf-/ noun, plural offspring, offsprings. 1. children or young of a particular parent or progenitor. 2. a child or animal in relation to its parent or parents. 3. a descendant. 4. descendants collectively. 5. the product, result, or effect of something: the offspring of an inventive mind. /ˈɒfˌsprɪŋ/ noun 1. the immediate […]

  • Offstage

    [awf-steyj, of-] /ˈɔfˈsteɪdʒ, ˈɒf-/ adverb 1. the or in the wings; away from the view of the audience (opposed to ). 2. in one’s private life rather than on the : Offstage the actress seemed rather plain. adjective 3. not in view of the audience; backstage, in the wings, etc.: an offstage crash. 4. withheld […]

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