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Off the top

adverb phrase

Before any deductions are made; up front: He demanded his percentage right off the top (1970s+)


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  • Off-the-wall

    [awf-th uh-wawl, of-] /ˈɔf ðəˈwɔl, ˈɒf-/ adjective, Informal. 1. markedly unconventional; bizarre; oddball: an unpredictable, off-the-wall personality. adjective 1. (off the wall when postpositive) (slang) new or unexpected in an unconventional or eccentric way: an off-the-wall approach to humour

  • Off the trolley

    Describes the behaviour of a program that malfunctions and goes catatonic, but doesn’t actually crash or abort. See glitch, bug, deep space. [Jargon File]

  • Off-topic

    [awf-top-ik, of-] /ˈɔfˈtɒp ɪk, ˈɒf-/ adjective 1. not on the main topic; irrelevant to the discussion: to delete off-topic comments on a blog. Abbreviation: OT. adjective differing from the main topic; not relevant Word Origin 1982-87

  • Offtrack

    [awf-trak, of-] /ˈɔfˈtræk, ˈɒf-/ adjective 1. occurring or carried on away from a racetrack: offtrack betting.

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