Office by example

(OBE) A sequel to QBE, described in publications by Moshe Zloof of IBM in the early 1980s but apparently never implemented.

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  • Office-girl

    noun 1. a girl or young woman employed in an office to run errands, do odd jobs, etc.

  • Officeholder

    [aw-fis-hohl-der, of-is-] /ˈɔ fɪsˌhoʊl dər, ˈɒf ɪs-/ noun 1. a person filling a governmental position; public official.

  • Office junior

    noun 1. a young person, esp a school-leaver, employed in an office for running errands and doing other minor jobs

  • Office-hours

    plural noun 1. the hours during which a professional person or an office conducts regular business. 2. the hours a person spends working in an office. plural noun 1. the hours during which an office is open for business 2. the number of hours worked in an office noun the hours and days set by […]

  • Office-of-defense-transportation

    noun 1. the World War II federal agency (1941–45) that regulated the transport over public routes of goods considered vital to the war effort. Abbreviation: ODT.

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