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noun, acronym (in Britain, formerly)
Office of the National Lottery, now superseded by the National Lottery Commission


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  • Ofm

    1. Order of Friars Minor (Franciscan). abbreviation 1. Ordo Fratrum Minorum (the Franciscans) 1. Office of Financial Management 2. Order of Friars Minor

  • O.F.M.

    1. Order of Friars Minor (Franciscan).

  • Of-mice-and-men

    noun 1. a novel (1937) and play (1938) by John Steinbeck.

  • Of note

    Important, of distinction, famous, as in I have nothing of note to report, or The speaker was a man of note. This idiom uses note in the sense of “importance” or “fame.” [ Late 1500s ]

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