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Office of Government Ethics


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    [oh-jee, oh-jee] /oʊˈdʒi, ˈoʊ dʒi/ noun 1. a double curve, resembling the letter S, formed by the union of a concave and a convex line. 2. Also called gula. Architecture. a molding with such a curve for a profile; cyma. Abbreviation: O.G., o.g. /ˈəʊdʒiː/ noun (architect) 1. Also called talon. a moulding having a cross […]

  • Ogee-arch

    noun, Architecture. 1. an arch, each haunch of which is an ogee with the concave side uppermost. noun 1. (architect) a pointed arch having an S-shaped curve on both sides Sometimes shortened to ogee Also called keel arch

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    [oh-gee-chee] /oʊˈgi tʃi/ noun 1. a river in E Georgia, flowing SE to the Atlantic Ocean. 250 miles (402 km) long.

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    /ˈəʊɡɛn/ noun 1. a variety of small melon having a green skin and sweet pale green flesh

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