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[ahm-braw-syaw] /ɑmˈbrɔ syɔ/ (Show IPA), (Marqués de Osorno) 1720?–1801, Irish soldier and administrator in South America.
his son, Bernardo
[ber-nahr-th aw] /bɛrˈnɑr ðɔ/ (Show IPA), (Liberator of Chile) 1778–1842, Chilean general and statesman.
Historical Examples

The remarkable history of the family of O’Higgins, however, does not end even here.
South America W. H. Koebel

When the latter was banished by Carrera, O’Higgins retired from the army.
The South American Republics, Part II (of 2) Thomas C. Dawson

O’Higgins, it is true, divested himself of his insignia of office by a spontaneous act.
South America W. H. Koebel

O’Higgins met the situation with a characteristic calm and intrepidity.
South America W. H. Koebel

Having once got his foot upon the official ladder, O’Higgins never stepped back.
South America W. H. Koebel

The great O’Higgins had retired from the eye of the nation and from the scene of his struggles and self-sacrifice.
South America W. H. Koebel

O’Higgins was wounded and had to be carried out of the fight.
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson

Political convulsions in the country followed the abdication of O’Higgins.
The Hispanic Nations of the New World William R. Shepherd

Where Mr. Dreiser identifies himself with his subjects, Mr. O’Higgins stands apart in the most strict detachment.
The Best Short Stories of 1920 Various

O’Higgins by forced marches succeeded in beating the Spaniards to the Maule, saving the city for the moment.
The South American Republics, Part II (of 2) Thomas C. Dawson

Ambrosio (æmˈbrəʊzɪˌəʊ). ?1720–1801, Irish soldier, who became viceroy of Chile (1789–96) and of Peru (1796–1801)
his son, Bernardo (bɛrˈnarðo). 1778–1842, Chilean revolutionary. He was one of the leaders in the struggle for independence from Spain and was Chile’s first president (1817–23)


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