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Oil rig

See rig1 (sense 6)


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  • Oil-rivers

    noun 1. a region in W Africa, comprising the vast Niger River delta: formerly a British protectorate; now a part of Nigeria. plural noun 1. the delta of the Niger River in S Nigeria

  • Oil-sand

    noun, Geology. 1. a sand or sandstone containing oil or tarry residue in the pore spaces. noun 1. a sandstone impregnated with hydrocarbons, esp such deposits in Alberta, Canada oil sand A stratum of sand or sandstone containing petroleum that can be extracted by way of wells. The term is also applied to limestone and […]

  • Oil security

    noun a plan to shield a country from the economic damage caused by sudden, sharp rises in oil prices caused by wars, terrorism, accidents, natural disasters, or political decisions, esp. by arranging to get oil from multiple countries Examples The Arctic National Wildlife Rescue will be crucial to U.S. oil security.

  • Oilseed

    [oil-seed] /ˈɔɪlˌsid/ noun 1. any of several , as the castor bean, sesame, or cottonseed, from which an is expressed.

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