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an area containing reserves of petroleum, esp one that is already being exploited


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  • Oil-field

    noun 1. an area in which there are large deposits of oil. oil field An area with reserves of recoverable petroleum, especially one with several oil-producing wells.

  • Oilfired

    /ˈɔɪlˌfaɪəd/ adjective 1. (of central heating) using oil as fuel

  • Oilgas

    /ˈɔɪlˌɡæs/ noun 1. a gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons used as a fuel, obtained by the destructive distillation of mineral oils

  • Oilfish

    [oil-fish] /ˈɔɪlˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural oilfishes (especially collectively) oilfish. 1. a snake mackerel, Ruvettus pretiosus, commonly inhabiting deep, marine waters.

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