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[oi-lee] /ˈɔɪ li/

adjective, oilier, oiliest.
smeared or covered with ; greasy:
an oily road surface.
of the nature of, consisting of, or resembling .
of or relating to .
full of or containing .
smooth or unctuous, as in manner or speech:
an oily hypocrite.
in an oily manner.
adjective oilier, oiliest
soaked in or smeared with oil or grease
consisting of, containing, or resembling oil
flatteringly servile or obsequious

1520s, from oil (n.) + -y (2). Figurative meaning “smooth, unctuous” is from 1590s. Related: Oiliness.


Cunning and ingratiating; sly and unctuous: his perfect-pitch portrayal of Artie, the oily producer of The Larry Sanders Show (1879+)


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