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[oint-muh nt] /ˈɔɪnt mənt/

noun, Pharmacology.
a soft, unctuous preparation, often medicated, for application to the skin; unguent.
a fatty or oily medicated formulation applied to the skin to heal or protect
a similar substance used as a cosmetic

late 13c., from Old French oignement “ointment, salve, unguent,” from Vulgar Latin *unguimentum, from Latin unguentum (see unguent). The first -t- emerged in Old French from oint, past participle of verb oindre “to anoint.”

ointment oint·ment (oint’mənt)
A highly viscous or semisolid preparation usually containing medicinal substances and intended for external application.

Various fragrant preparations, also compounds for medical purposes, are so called (Ex. 30:25; Ps. 133:2; Isa. 1:6; Amos 6:6; John 12:3; Rev. 18:13).

see: fly in the ointment


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