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[uh-sheen] /ʌˈʃin/



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  • OIt

    1. Old Italian. Office of International Trade

  • Oistrakh

    [oi-strahk, -strahkh] /ˈɔɪ strɑk, -strɑx/ noun 1. David [dey-vid] /ˈdeɪ vɪd/ (Show IPA), 1908–74, Russian violinist. /ˈɔɪstrɑːk; Russian ˈɔjstrəx/ noun 1. David (daˈvit). 1908–74, Russian violinist 2. his son, Igor (ˈiɡərj). born 1931, Russian violinist

  • Oita

    [aw-ee-tah] /ˈɔ iˌtɑ/ noun 1. a seaport on NE Kyushu, in S Japan. /ˈɔɪtə/ noun 1. an industrial city in SW Japan, on NE Kyushu: dominated most of Kyushu in the 16th century. Pop: 437 699 (2002 est)

  • Oiticica

    [oi-tuh-see-kuh] /ˌɔɪ təˈsi kə/ noun 1. a Brazilian tree, Licania rigida, of the rose family, the seeds of which yield oiticica oil.

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