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[ohld boi for 1, 2; ohld boi for 3; ohld boi for 4] /ˈoʊld ˈbɔɪ for 1, 2; ˈoʊld ˌbɔɪ for 3; ˌoʊld ˈbɔɪ for 4/

Informal. an adult male, especially a Southerner.
Compare .
a lively elderly man.
Chiefly British. an alumnus, especially of a boys’ preparatory or public school.
Chiefly British. .
(sometimes capitals) (Brit) a male ex-pupil of a school
(informal, mainly Brit)

noun phrase

A graduate; alumnus: Thousands of Princeton old boys flexed their wrists and learned to Frisbee (1868+ British schools)

Related Terms

good old boy


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