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Old cocker

noun phrase

alter kocker: I said good morning to the two Old Cockers who ambled along every day kidding themselves they were exercising/ a lot of old cockers out there who wanted to hear a ball game (1980s+)


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  • Old clothes man

    noun 1. a person who deals in second-hand clothes

  • Old-comedy

    noun 1. Greek comedy of the 5th century b.c., which derived from fertility rites in honor of Dionysus and combined robust humor with biting personal and political satire.

  • Old contemptibles

    plural noun 1. the British expeditionary force to France in 1914

  • Old-country

    noun 1. the original home country of an immigrant or a person’s ancestors, especially a European country. noun 1. the country of origin of an immigrant or an immigrant’s ancestors

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