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the national flag of the U.S., consisting of 13 horizontal stripes that are alternately red and white, representing the original states, and of a blue field containing 50 white stars, representing the present states.
a nickname for the flag of the United States of America
(functioning as sing) the Stars and Stripes, the national flag of the United States of America, consisting of 50 white stars representing the present states on a blue field and seven red and six white horizontal stripes representing the original states Also known as the Star-Spangled Banner

“American flag,” attested from 1782. Stars and Bars as a name for the Confederate flag is attested from 1863. Star-spangled is attested from 1590s; Star-Spangled Banner “United States flag” is 1814, from Francis Scott Key’s poem (printed in the “Baltimore Patriot” Sept. 20).

A nickname for the United States flag.

The national flag of the United States. Its fifty stars represent the fifty states; its thirteen stripes represent the thirteen colonies that became the original states.


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