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[ohld-lahyn] /ˈoʊldˈlaɪn/

following or supporting conservative or traditional ideas, beliefs, customs, etc.
long established; traditional:
old-line society.
(US & Canadian) conservative; old-fashioned
well-established; traditional


Read Also:

  • Old-line party

    noun 1. (Canadian) either the Liberal Party or the Conservative Party

  • Old-line-state

    noun 1. Maryland (used as a nickname).

  • Old-low-franconian

    [frang-koh-nee-uh n] /fræŋˈkoʊ ni ən/ noun 1. a Low German dialect of the Franks of the lower Rhine valley before c1100.

  • Old-low-german

    noun 1. the language of the German lowlands before c1100. Abbreviation: OLG. noun 1. the Saxon and Low Franconian dialects of German up to about 1200; the old form of modern Low German and Dutch OLG

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