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advocates or supporters of established custom or of conservatism:
a military man of the old school.
(mainly Brit) a school formerly attended by a person
a group of people favouring traditional ideas or conservative practices

in reference to a group of people noted for conservative views or principals on some professional or political matter, 1749, from old + school (n.).


From an early time, favoring traditional ways; retro or vintage: old school fraternity hazings/ strictly old school


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  • Old-school-tie

    noun 1. a necktie striped in the colors of a specific English public school, especially as worn by a graduate to indicate his educational background. 2. an alumnus of an English public school. 3. the clannishness and conservative manners, dress, and attitudes associated with students and graduates of the English public schools. 4. snobbishness, clannishness, […]

  • Old-scratch

    noun, Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. 1. the devil; Satan.

  • Old-shoe

    noun, Informal. 1. a person or thing that is comfortably familiar and unpretentious: Uncle Will is a lovable old shoe. adjective Comfortable and familiar: a relationship that has evolved from open hostility to the old-shoe clubbiness of rivals drawn by shared personalities (1825+) see: comfortable as an old shoe

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    [sahy-wosh, -wawsh] /ˈsaɪ wɒʃ, -wɔʃ/ noun 1. a conventional designation for any small, provincial college or for such colleges collectively (often preceded by old): students from old Siwash. /ˈsaɪwɒʃ/ noun 1. another name for Cowichan sweater verb 2. (intransitive) (in the Pacific Northwest) to camp out with only natural shelter /ˈsaɪwɒʃ/ noun 1. a North […]

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