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(sometimes facetious) old-world or quaint


Read Also:

  • Old face

    noun 1. (printing) a type style that originated in the 18th century, characterized by little contrast between thick and thin strokes Compare modern (sense 5)

  • Old-faithful

    noun 1. one of the best known geysers of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Oldfangled

    [ohld-fang-guh ld] /ˈoʊldˈfæŋ gəld/ adjective 1. old-fashioned; of an older or former kind. /ˈəʊldˈfæŋɡəld/ adjective 1. (derogatory) out-of-date; old-fashioned

  • Old-fart

    noun 1. (def 2). noun phrase An old man; a superannuated man; alter kocker, poop: I feel like an old fart. My back’s stiff, my knees hurt, my teeth hurt (1968+)

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