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[ohl-dee] /ˈoʊl di/

noun, plural oldies.
[ohl-dee] /ˈoʊl di/
noun, Informal.
a popular song, joke, movie, etc., that was in vogue at a time in the past.
noun (informal)
an old person or thing
(Austral) a parent: children and their oldies

“an old person,” 1874; “an old tune or film,” 1940, from old + -ie. Related: Oldies, which is attested by 1961 as a radio format.


An old thing or person, esp an old song, movie, or story: Our pet oldie concerns the India rubber skin man/ as good as a W C Fields oldie

Related Terms

golden oldie

[1930s+; the late pianist Eubie Blake dated this phrase from about 1900]


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