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[oh-lee-if-er-uh s] /ˌoʊ liˈɪf ər əs/

giving rise to oil, as certain seeds or hypha.


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  • Olekma

    [uh-lek-muh; Russian uh-lyawk-muh] /əˈlɛk mə; Russian əˈlyɔk mə/ noun 1. a river in E Siberian Russia, flowing N to the Lena River. 820 miles (1319 km) long.

  • Olein

    [oh-lee-in] /ˈoʊ li ɪn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. Also called glyceryl trioleate, triolein. a colorless to yellowish, oily, water-insoluble liquid, C 5 7 H 1 0 4 O 6 , the triglyceride of oleic acid, present in many vegetable oils. 2. the oily or lower-melting fractions of a fat as distinguished from the solid or higher-melting […]

  • Olenek

    [ol-uh-nek; Russian uh-luh-nyawk] /ˌɒl əˈnɛk; Russian ə ləˈnyɔk/ noun 1. a river in NE Russia, flowing E and N to the Laptev Sea. 1350 miles (2172 km) long.

  • Oleo

    [oh-lee-oh] /ˈoʊ liˌoʊ/ noun 1. . 1. a combining form meaning “oil,” used in the formation of compound words: oleograph. combining form 1. oil: oleomargarine n. 1884, commercial shortening of oleomargarine. word-forming element meaning “oil” or “oleic,” from Latin oleum (see oil (n.)). oleo- or ole- pref. Oil: oleic acid. oleomargarine

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