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noun, Anatomy.
either one of the first pair of cranial nerves, consisting of sensory fibers that conduct to the brain the impulses from the mucous membranes of the nose.
either one of the first pair of cranial nerves, supplying the mucous membrane of the nose

olfactory nerve n.
Any of numerous olfactory filaments in the olfactory portion of the nasal mucosa that enter the olfactory bulb, where they terminate in synaptic contact with mitral cells, tufted cells, and granule cells. Also called first cranial nerve.
olfactory nerve
Either of the first pair of cranial nerves that carries sensory information relating to smell from the nose to the brain.


Read Also:

  • Olfactory pit

    olfactory pit n. See nasal pit.

  • Olfactory receptor cell

    olfactory receptor cell n. Any of the specialized, nucleated cells of the mucous membrane of the nose that serve as the receptors for smell.

  • Olfactory sulcus

    olfactory sulcus n. See olfactory groove.

  • Olfactory tract

    noun 1. a long narrow triangular band of white tissue originating in the olfactory bulb and extending back to the point at which its fibres enter the base of the cerebrum

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