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[ol-guh, ohl-; Russian awl-guh] /ˈɒl gə, ˈoʊl-; Russian ˈɔl gə/

Saint, died a.d. 968? regent of Kiev until 955: saint of the Russian Orthodox Church.
a female given name: from a Scandinavian word meaning “holy.”.

fem. proper name, from Russian, probably from Norse Helga, literally “holy,” from Proto-Germanic *haliaga, from PIE *kailo- (see health). The masc. form is Oleg.

Ouf! un Langage pour les Grammaires Attribuees.
Inria, 1985. Language for specification of attribute grammars, used as the input language of the compiler writing system FNC-2. Applicative, strongly typed, polymorphic, pattern-matching, modules.


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