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[oh-mahy-ad] /oʊˈmaɪ æd/

noun, plural Omayyads, Omayyades
[oh-mahy-uh-deez] /oʊˈmaɪ əˌdiz/ (Show IPA)
a member of the dynasty that ruled at Damascus a.d. 661–750, claiming descent from Omayya, cousin of the grandfather of Muhammad the Prophet.
a member of the dynasty of caliphs that ruled in southern Spain, a.d. 756–1031: related to the Damascus dynasty.
noun (pl) -yads, -yades (-əˌdiːz) -ads, -ades (-əˌdiːz)
a caliph of the dynasty ruling (661–750 ad) from its capital at Damascus
an emir (756–929 ad) or caliph (929–1031 ad) of the Omayyad dynasty in Spain


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