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[om-nuh-buhs, -buh s] /ˈɒm nəˌbʌs, -bəs/

noun, plural omnibuses or for 1, omnibusses.
1 (def 1).
a volume of reprinted works of a single author or of works related in interest or theme.
pertaining to, including, or dealing with numerous objects or items at once:
an omnibus bill submitted to a legislature.
[yoo-stit-ee-ah ohm-ni-boo s; English juh-stish-ee-uh om-nuh-buh s] /yuˈstɪt iˌɑ ˈoʊm nɪˌbʊs; English dʒʌˈstɪʃ i ə ˈɒm nə bəs/
justice to all: motto of the District of Columbia.
/ˈɒmnɪˌbʌs; -bəs/
noun (pl) -buses
a less common word for bus (sense 1)
Also called omnibus volume. a collection of works by one author or several works on a similar topic, reprinted in one volume
Also called omnibus edition. a television or radio programme consisting of two or more programmes broadcast earlier in the week
(prenominal) of, dealing with, or providing for many different things or cases

1829, “four-wheeled public vehicle with seats for passengers,” from French (voiture) omnibus “(carriage) for all, common (conveyance),” from Latin omnibus “for all,” dative plural of omnis “all” (see omni-). Introduced by Jacques Lafitte in Paris in 1819 or ’20, in London from 1829. In reference to legislation, the word is recorded from 1842. Meaning “man or boy who assists a waiter at a restaurant” is attested from 1888 (cf. busboy). As an adjective in English from 1842.


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