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[om-nish-uh nt] /ɒmˈnɪʃ ənt/

having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things.
an omniscient being.
the Omniscient, .
having infinite knowledge or understanding
having very great or seemingly unlimited knowledge

c.1600, from Modern Latin omniscientem (nominative omnisciens), back-formation from Medieval Latin omniscientia (see omniscience). Related: Omnisciently.


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  • Omnisexual

    [om-nuh sek-shoo-uh l] /ˌɒmˈnəsɛk ʃu əl/ adjective 1. (def 2). adj. by 1959, from omni- + sexual. Earliest application is to Walt Whitman.

  • Omnishambles

    [om-nuh-sham-buh lz] /ˈɒm nəˌʃæm bəlz/ noun, plural omnishambles. (used with a singular verb) 1. Chiefly British Informal. a situation, especially in politics, in which poor judgment results in disorder or chaos with potentially disastrous consequences.

  • Omnitab

    Statistical analysis and desk calculator. Version: OMNITAB II. [“OMNITAB II User’s Reference Manual”, NBS Tech Note 552 (Oct 1971). Sammet 1969, pp. 296-299].

  • Omnium-gatherum

    [om-nee-uh m-gath -er-uh m] /ˌɒm ni əmˈgæð ər əm/ noun, plural omnium-gatherums. 1. a miscellaneous collection. /ˈɒmnɪəmˈɡæðərəm/ noun 1. (often facetious) a miscellaneous collection; assortment

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