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omphalorrhea om·pha·lor·rhe·a (ŏm’fə-lō-rē’ə)
A serous discharge from the navel.


Read Also:

  • Omphalorrhexis

    omphalorrhexis om·pha·lor·rhex·is (ŏm’fə-lō-rěk’sĭs) n. Rupture of the umbilical cord during childbirth.

  • Omphalos

    [om-fuh-luh s] /ˈɒm fə ləs/ noun 1. the navel; umbilicus. 2. the central point. 3. Greek Antiquity. a stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, thought to mark the center of the earth. /ˈɒmfəˌlɒs/ noun 1. (in the ancient world) a sacred conical object, esp a stone. The most famous omphalos at Delphi was […]

  • Omphalosite

    omphalosite om·pha·lo·site (ŏm’fə-lə-sīt’, ŏm-fāl’ə-) n. The underdeveloped member of unequal monochorionic twins that derives its blood supply from the placenta of the autosite and is not capable of independent existence or separation from the placenta.

  • Omphaloskepsis

    [om-fuh-loh-skep-sis] /ˌɒm fə loʊˈskɛp sɪs/ noun 1. contemplation of one’s navel as part of a mystical exercise. n. 1925, from omphalo- + Greek -skepsis, from skeptesthai “to reflect, look, view” (see scope (n.1)). Also omphaloscopy (1931), and used in the sense of “navel-gazer” were omphalopsychic (1892), omphalopsychite (1882).

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