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On the hustle

adjective phrase

Living by constant petty frauds and crimes; watchful for dupes: sleeping till ten in the morning, on the hustle in the streets or the poolrooms (1970s+)


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  • On the increase

    Growing, especially in frequency of occurrence, as in Violent crime is on the increase. [ Mid-1700s ]

  • On the inside

    adverb phrase Having access to the most confidential information; near the focus of power and influence (1932+) In a position of confidence or influence, as in The new reporter said he got his facts from at least one official on the inside. [ c. 1930 ]

  • On-the-job

    [on-th uh-job, awn-] /ˈɒn ðəˌdʒɒb, ˈɔn-/ adjective 1. done, received, or happening while in actual performance of one’s work: on-the-job training.

  • On the legit

    adj phr,adv phr Lawful; legal; on the level: strictly on the legit (1931+)

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