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On the same wave length

[weyv-lengkth, -length, -lenth] /ˈweɪvˌlɛŋkθ, -ˌlɛŋθ, -ˌlɛnθ/

Physics. the distance, measured in the direction of propagation of a , between two successive points in the that are characterized by the same phase of oscillation.
on the same wavelength, in sympathy or rapport:
We seemed to be on the same wavelength from the moment we met.
the distance, measured in the direction of propagation, between two points of the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave λ
the wavelength of the carrier wave used by a particular broadcasting station
(informal) on someone’s wavelength, on the same wavelength, having similar views, feelings, or thoughts (as someone else)

1850, “distance between peaks of a wave,” from wave (n.) + length. Originally of spectra; radio sense is attested by 1925. Figurative sense of “mental harmony” is recorded from 1927, on analogy of radio waves.

wavelength wave·length (wāv’lěngkth’, -lěngth’)

Symbol λ The distance between one peak or crest of a wave of light, heat, or other energy and the next corresponding peak or crest.
The distance between one peak or crest of a wave and the next peak or crest. It is equal to the speed of the wave divided by its frequency, and to the speed of a wave times its period.

The distance between crests (or troughs) of a wave.

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