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[on-uh-jer] /ˈɒn ə dʒər/

noun, plural onagri
[on-uh-grahy] /ˈɒn əˌgraɪ/ (Show IPA), onagers.
a wild ass, Equus hemionus, of southwestern Asia.
an ancient and medieval military catapult for throwing stones.
noun (pl) -gri (-ˌɡraɪ), -gers
a Persian variety of the wild ass, Equus hemionus Compare kiang
an ancient war engine for hurling stones

Asiatic wild ass, mid-14c., from Latin onager, from Greek onagros, from onos “ass” (related to Latin asinus, but the ultimate source is unknown) + agrios “wild,” literally “living in the fields,” from agros “field” (see acre).


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