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Oncovirinae On·co·vir·i·nae (ŏng’kō-vēr’ə-nē)
A subfamily of retroviruses that contain single-stranded RNA and produce tumors in birds and mammals.


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  • Oncovirus

    [ong-kawr-nuh-vahy-ruh s, -kawr-nuh-vahy-] /ɒŋˈkɔr nəˌvaɪ rəs, -ˌkɔr nəˈvaɪ-/ noun, plural oncornaviruses. Pathology. 1. any of various RNA viruses that cause tumors in humans and other animals. oncovirus on·co·vi·rus (ŏng’kō-vī’rəs) n. See oncornavirus. oncornavirus on·cor·na·vi·rus (ŏng-kôr’nə-vī’rəs) n. A virus of the subfamily Oncovirinae; an RNA tumor virus. Also called oncovirus.

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