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One eye on

Paying some but not full attention to, as in
He ran the rehearsal with one eye on the clock
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  • One-finger salute

    noun phrase A lewd insulting gesture made by holding up the middle finger with the others folded down, and meaning ”fuck you” or ”up yours”; the FINGER Then he put his arm out the window and raised his hand in the one-finger salute (1980s+)

  • Onefold

    [wuhn-fohld] /ˈwʌnˌfoʊld/ adjective 1. whole; complete.

  • One foot in the grave

    Related Terms have one foot in the grave

  • Onega

    [oh-neg-uh; Russian uh-nye-guh] /oʊˈnɛg ə; Russian ʌˈnyɛ gə/ noun 1. Lake, a lake in the NW Russian Federation in Europe: second largest lake in Europe. 3764 sq. mi. (9750 sq. km). 2. a river in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, flowing N to Onega Bay. 250 miles (405 km) long. /Russian aˈnjɛɡə/ noun 1. […]

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