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One of these days

Also, one day; some day. On some day in the future, as in One of these days I’m going to clean out my desk, or One day you’ll see what it’s like to have your child insult you, or They hoped to buy a brand-new car some day. [ Mid-1500s ]
Also see: one of those days


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  • One of those days

    Also, just one of those days. A day when everything goes wrong, as in The car wouldn’t start, I lost my glasses—it was one of those days. This expression was first recorded in 1936.

  • One-old-cat

    [wuhn-uh kat] /ˈwʌn ə ˌkæt/ noun, Games. 1. a form of baseball in which there is a home plate and one other base, and in which a player remains at bat and scores runs by hitting the ball and running to the base and back without being put out.

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    [wuhn-wuhn; usually read as wuhn-tuh-wuhn] /ˈwʌnˈwʌn; usually read as ˈwʌn təˈwʌn/ adjective 1. (def 1).

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