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Old North French.


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  • ONFr.

    1. Old North French. Old Northern French

  • Ongaonga

    /ˌɒəŋɡɑːˈɒəŋɡɑː/ noun 1. a New Zealand nettle, Urtica ferox, with a painful or even fatal sting

  • Onglet

    noun See hanger steak

  • Onglide

    [on-glahyd, awn-] /ˈɒnˌglaɪd, ˈɔn-/ noun, Phonetics. 1. a transitional sound produced by the vocal organs in moving from an inactive position or a previous sound to the articulatory position necessary for producing a following sound. Compare (def 1). noun 1. (phonetics) a glide immediately preceding a speech sound, for which the articulators are taking position […]

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