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Online community


See virtual community


Read Also:

  • On-line computer system

    (OLC) A predecessor of the Culler-Fried System from UCSB ca. 1966. [Sammet 1969, p.253]. (1995-11-25)

  • Online degree

    noun a college degree earned mainly or completely by taking online courses

  • Online media

    Acorn Online Media

  • On-line process synthesizer

    simulation (OPS) A system for discrete simulation under CTSS developed by M. Greenberger at MIT ca. 1964. [Sammet 1969, p.660. Versions: OPS-3, OPS-4. “On- line Computation and Simulation: The OPS-3 System”, M. Greenberger et al, MIT Press 1965]. (2003-04-05)

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