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Only way to go

noun phrase

The best way to do something; the optimal choice: Taking the free vacation is the only way to go


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  • On-message

    adjective, adverb adverb See on message Word Origin colloquial politics

  • On-mike

    [on-mahyk, awn-] /ˈɒnˈmaɪk, ˈɔn-/ adjective 1. projected by the microphone.

  • Onna

    oh no, not again

  • Onnagata

    [on-uh-gah-tuh; Japanese awn-nah-gah-tah] /ˌɒn əˈgɑ tə; Japanese ˈɔn nɑˈgɑ tɑ/ noun 1. a male actor in kabuki who performs female roles. n. in Kabuki and similar drama, a man who plays female roles, 1901, from Japanese, from onna “woman” + kata “figure.”

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