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[on-shawr, -shohr, awn-] /ˈɒnˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, ˈɔn-/

onto or in the direction of the from a body of water:
a breeze blowing onshore.
in or a body of water, close to or parallel with the :
to sail a boat onshore.
land, especially within the area adjoining a port; ashore:
to land and shop onshore.
moving or proceeding toward or onto land from a body of water:
an onshore breeze.
located or close to the :
an onshore lighthouse; an onshore buoy.
done or taking place land:
onshore liberty for the crew.
adjective, adverb
towards the land: an onshore gale
on land; not at sea


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