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object-oriented analysis
out of area


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  • Oob

    out of bed

  • Ooblast

    [oh-uh-blast] /ˈoʊ əˌblæst/ noun 1. a primordial cell from which the ovum is developed.

  • Ooch

    Related Terms scrunch verb [ultimately fr late 16th-century scruze, ”squeeze,” perhaps a blend of screw and squeeze]

  • Oocyst

    [oh-uh-sist] /ˈoʊ əˌsɪst/ noun, Biology. 1. the encysted zygotic stage in the life cycle of some sporozoans. /ˈəʊəˌsɪst/ noun 1. an encysted zygote of sporozoan protozoans that undergoes sporogony to produce infective sporozoites oocyst o·o·cyst (ō’ə-sĭst’) n. A thick-walled structure in which sporozoan zygotes develop and that serves to transfer them to new hosts.

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