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Open document interchange format

(ODIF) Part of the ODA standard.


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  • Open document architecture

    standard (ODA) ISO standard (8613) for describing documents. It allows text, graphics, and facsimile documents to be transferred between different systems. ODIF is part of ODA. (1995-03-03)

  • Open document management api

    text, standard An open standard allowing desktop applications to interface with document management systems. (http://activedoc.com). (1997-07-04)

  • Open-door

    noun 1. the policy of admitting people of all nationalities or ethnic groups to a country upon equal terms, as for immigration. 2. the policy or practice of trading with all nations on an equal basis. 3. admission or access; unrestricted opportunity: His experience had given him an open door to success in his field. […]

  • Open drainage

    open drainage n. The admittance of air into a wound or cavity to facilitate drainage.

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