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[oh-puh n-feyst] /ˈoʊ pənˈfeɪst/

having a frank or ingenuous face.
Also, open-face. designating an open sandwich.
(of a watch) having the dial covered only by the crystal.
having an ingenuous expression
(of a watch) having no lid or cover other than the glass


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  • Open-field

    noun, Football. 1. any area of the playing field away from the heavily trafficked line of scrimmage, in which the defense is widely scattered. adjective 1. (prenominal) (medieval history) of or denoting the system in which an arable area was divided into unenclosed strips, esp cultivated by different tenants

  • Open fire

    Begin a verbal attack, as in In her second letter to the editor she opened fire, saying the reporter had deliberately misquoted her. This idiom alludes to discharging a firearm. [ Mid-1800s ]

  • Open flap

    open flap n. See flat flap.

  • Open-flash

    noun, Photography. 1. a photographic technique employing a flash fired while the camera shutter is held open.

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