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Open punctuation

punctuation characterized by sparing use of stops, esp of the comma Compare close punctuation


Read Also:

  • Open-quote

    noun 1. the quotation mark used to begin a quotation (“ or “). 2. (used by a speaker to signify that a quotation will follow).

  • Open reduction

    open reduction n. Reduction of a fractured bone by manipulation after incision into skin and muscle over the site of the fracture.

  • Open-reel

    adjective 1. another term for reel-to-reel

  • Open-reel tape

    [oh-puh n-reel] /ˈoʊ pənˌril/ noun 1. audiotape, usually 1/4 inch (64 mm) wide, wound on a single reel and requiring a separate take-up reel for playing or recording.

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