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Open trading protocol

Internet Open Trading Protocol


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  • Opentransport

    networking (OT) A complete reimplementation of all levels of the Macintosh networking code including “Classic” AppleTalk and MacTCP. It appeared in MacOS revision 7.5.3 [or earlier? Date?]. (2000-08-13)

  • Open tuberculosis

    open tuberculosis n.

  • Open-union

    noun 1. a labor union that does not impose rigid restrictions on the admission of new members.

  • Open-universe

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a model of the universe in which the universe expands forever because there is not enough mass to counteract the expansion by means of gravitational attraction. open universe Model of the universe in which the curvature of space is flat or curved away from itself, entailing that the size of the universe […]

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