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Opera cloak

a large cloak worn over evening clothes Also called opera hood


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  • Opera-comique

    [op-er-uh ko-meek, op-ruh; French aw-pey-ra kaw-meek] /ˈɒp ər ə kɒˈmik, ˈɒp rə; French ɔ peɪ ra kɔˈmik/ noun, plural opéra comiques, opéras comique French, operas comiques [aw-pey-ra kaw-meek] /ɔ peɪ ra kɔˈmik/ (Show IPA) 1. . /kɒˈmiːk; French ɔpera kɔmik/ noun (pl) opéras comiques (French) (ɔpera kɔmik) 1. a type of opera, not necessarily comic, […]

  • Opera-glasses

    plural noun 1. a small, low-power pair of binoculars for use at plays, concerts, and the like. plural noun 1. small low-powered binoculars used by audiences in theatres and opera houses

  • Operagoer

    [op-er-uh-goh-er, op-ruh-] /ˈɒp ər əˌgoʊ ər, ˈɒp rə-/ noun 1. a person who attends performances.

  • Opera-hat

    noun 1. a man’s tall, collapsible top hat, held open or in shape by springs and usually covered with a black, silky fabric. Also called gibus. Compare 1 (def 4), , . noun 1. a collapsible top hat operated by a spring Also called gibus

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