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noun, Mathematics.
a method for solving a differential equation by treating differential operators as ordinary algebraic quantities, thus obtaining a simpler problem.


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  • Operational database

    database A database containing up-to-date, modifiable data, in contrast to a decision support database. (1995-02-14)

  • Operational definition

    noun a description of an experimental procedure for the translation of a variable into measurement or numeric value

  • Operationalism

    [op-uh-rey-shuh-nl-iz-uh m] /ˌɒp əˈreɪ ʃə nlˌɪz əm/ noun, Philosophy. 1. the doctrine that the meaning of a scientific term, concept, or proposition consists of the operation or operations performed in defining or demonstrating it. /ˌɒpəˈreɪʃənəˌlɪzəm/ noun 1. (philosophy) the theory that scientific terms are defined by the experimental operations which determine their applicability

  • Operationalization

    noun the process of putting something into operation; also, the process of expressing something in operational terms n. 1966, noun of action from operationalize.

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