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Operational test and evaluation

(OT&E) Formal testing conducted prior to deployment to evaluate the operational effectiveness and suitability of the system with respect to its mission.


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  • Operational testing

    testing A US DoD term for testing performed by the end-user on software in its normal operating environment. (1997-01-07)

  • Operation barbarossa

    noun 1. the codename for Hitler’s invasion (1941) of Russia

  • Operation code

    programming (Always “op code” when spoken) The part or parts of a machine language instruction which determines what kind of action the computer should take, e.g. add, jump, load, store. In any particular instruction set certain fixed bit positions within the instruction word contain the op code, others give parameters such as the addresses or […]

  • Operation desert storm

    noun 1. the codename for the US-led UN operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraq (1991)

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