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[oh-fid-ee-id, of-i-dahy-id, oh-fi-] /oʊˈfɪd i ɪd, ˌɒf ɪˈdaɪ ɪd, ˌoʊ fɪ-/

any fish of the family Ophidiidae, comprising the cusk-eels.
belonging or pertaining to the family Ophidiidae.


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  • Ophidiomancy

    noun divination using snakes Word Origin Greek ophidion ‘small snake’

  • Ophidiomania

    noun a passion for snakes, reptiles Word Origin Greek ophidion ‘small snake’

  • Ophidiophobia

    noun a fear of snakes; also called ophiophobia See ophiophobia Word Origin Greek ophidion ‘small snake’ n. 1914, “excessive fear of snakes or reptiles,” from ophidio- apparently extracted from Modern Latin ophidia, a word coined arbitrarily (to provide an -ia form to serve as an order name in taxonomy) from Greek ophis “serpent” (see ophio-) […]

  • Ophiolatry

    [of-ee-ol-uh-tree, oh-fee-] /ˌɒf iˈɒl ə tri, ˌoʊ fi-/ noun 1. the worship of snakes.

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