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[of-ee-yoo-kuh s, oh-fee-] /ˌɒf iˈyu kəs, ˌoʊ fi-/

noun, genitive Ophiuchi
[of-ee-yoo-kahy, oh-fee-] /ˌɒf iˈyu kaɪ, ˌoʊ fi-/ (Show IPA). Astronomy.
the Serpent Bearer, a constellation on the celestial equator between Libra and Aquila.
noun (Latin genitive) Ophiuchi (ɒˈfjuːkaɪ)
a large constellation lying on the celestial equator between Hercules and Scorpius and containing the dark nebula, Ophiuchus Nebula

constellation (representing Aesculapius), 1650s, from Latin, from Greek ophioukhos, literally “holding a serpent,” from ophis “serpent” (see ophio-) + stem of ekhein “to hold, have, keep” (see scheme (n.)). The constellation is equatorial, and Milton’s “Ophiuchus huge in th’ Arctick Sky” (“Paradise Lost”) is a rare lapse for a poet who generally knew his astronomy.


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