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Ophthalmic solution

ophthalmic solution n.
A sterile solution that is free from foreign particles and is compounded and dispensed for eyedrops.


Read Also:

  • Ophthalmic optician

    noun 1. See optician

  • Ophthalmodiaphanoscope

    ophthalmodiaphanoscope oph·thal·mo·di·aph·a·no·scope (ŏf-thāl’mō-dī-āf’ə-nə-skōp’, ŏp-) n. An instrument for viewing the interior of the eye by transmitted light.

  • Ophthalmo-

    1. a combining form meaning “eye,” used in the formation of compound words: ophthalmology. combining form 1. indicating the eye or the eyeball: ophthalmoscope before vowels ophthalm-, word-forming element meaning “eye,” mostly in plural, “the eyes,” from Greek ophthalmo-, comb. form of ophthalmos “eye,” originally “the seeing,” of uncertain origin. Perhaps from ops “eye” (see […]

  • Ophthalmitis

    [of-thal-mahy-tis, -thuh l-, op-] /ˌɒf θælˈmaɪ tɪs, -θəl-, ˌɒp-/ noun, Ophthalmology. 1. . /ˌɒfθælˈmaɪtɪs/ noun 1. inflammation of the eye ophthalmitis oph·thal·mi·tis (ŏf’thəl-mī’tĭs, ŏp’-) n. See ophthalmia.

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