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[uh-pin-yuh-ney-tiv] /əˈpɪn yəˌneɪ tɪv/

of, relating to, or of the nature of .
adjective (rare)
of or relating to opinion
another word for opinionated


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  • Opinioned

    [uh-pin-yuh nd] /əˈpɪn yənd/ adjective 1. having an , especially of a specified kind. 2. obstinate or dogmatic in one’s ; opinionated.

  • Opinion poll

    noun 1. another term for a poll (sense 3) noun a tally of public opinion that is gained from questioning a representative sample

  • Opioid

    [oh-pee-oid] /ˈoʊ piˌɔɪd/ noun, Biochemistry, Pharmacology. 1. any opiumlike substance. 2. any of a group of natural substances, as the endorphins, produced by the body in increased amounts in response to stress and pain. 3. any of several synthetic compounds, as methadone, having effects similar to natural alkaloids and their derivatives. adjective 4. pertaining to […]

  • Opiomelanocortin

    opiomelanocortin o·pi·o·mel·a·no·cor·tin (ō’pē-ō-měl’ə-nō-kôr’tn) n. A linear polypeptide of the pituitary gland that contains the nucleotide sequences of endorphins and various pituitary hormones.

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