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A commercial version of OPS5.


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  • Op-shop

    noun 1. (Austral & NZ, informal) short for opportunity shop

  • Opsimath

    /ˈɒpsɪˌmæθ/ noun 1. a person who learns late in life noun a person who becomes a student or learner late in life Word Origin Greek ‘late in learning’

  • Opsimathy

    n. 1650s, from Greek opsimathia “learning late in life,” from opse “late” (related to opiso “backward,” opisthen “behind”) + manthanein “to learn” (see mathematic). Related: Opsimath (n.).

  • Opsin

    [op-sin] /ˈɒp sɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. any of several compounds that form the protein component of the light-sensitive retina pigment, rhodopsin. /ˈɒpsɪn/ noun 1. the protein that together with retinene makes up the purple visual pigment rhodopsin opsin op·sin (ŏp’sĭn) n. A protein of the retina, especially the protein constituent of rhodopsin, that makes up […]

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