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Optic lobe

optic lobe n.
Either of two lobes of the dorsal mesencephalon, containing primary visual centers.


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  • Optic-nerve

    noun, Anatomy. 1. either one of the second pair of cranial nerves, consisting of sensory fibers that conduct impulses from the retina to the brain. noun 1. the second cranial nerve, which provides a sensory pathway from the retina to the brain optic nerve n. A nerve that originates from the retina, passes out of […]

  • Optic neuritis

    optic neuritis n. Inflammation of the optic nerve. Also called neuropapillitis, retrobulbar neuritis.

  • Optico-

    optico- pref. Optic; optic nerve: opticopupillary.

  • Opticociliary

    opticociliary op·ti·co·cil·i·ar·y (ŏp’tĭ-kō-sĭl’ē-ěr’ē) adj. Relating to the optic and the ciliary nerves.

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